Saturday, November 8, 2008

Disney Day One

So DH and the kids arrived today, and we met in the lobby of the Polynesian. Kids were ecstatic. Room wasn't ready (and I was still in a suit), so we grabbed some lunch. About 45 min later, we had our room, got our stuff, changed and headed towards the Magic Kingdom. Managed to give the girls their first ride on the Monorail in the front car - bad idea, now they expect it every time! Saw Pluto just as we got in, and the girls loved using their autograph books. Took the train around the park to Frontier land and just had time to ride Splash Mountain. K loved it - B was not happy with getting wet and the big 50-ft drop at the end. But later has said it was really fun. Then we went back to 1900 Park Fair for dinner with Cinderella and Friends. It was a HUGE hit. They loved the food - the characters - everything about it. HIGHLY recommend this one. I have to say, each of the characters took their time at our table - esp. Prince Charming. He looked through their autograph books at all the pictures - insisting on finding "his page" himself. It was very sweet and the girls loved it. They stayed up til 9pm (when we thought the fireworks were) and saw the Electric Light Parade, but still no fireworks. They went to sleep with the promise we would try and wake them at 10pm for fireworks.

Unfortunately I have to go all the way back to my meeting to work tomorrow (it was a $50 cab ride!) for about an hour, but that is life. Hopefully I make it back in time for our lunch at the Crystal Palace with Pooh.


Laura said...

WOW - sounds so great! Keep us posted and please keep a list of great things and not so great things for us hoping to make the trip one day!

Julie said...

Sounds so fun!!

Also, just wanted to make sure you received my email listing your ornament swap partner's information. If you did not please check your spam filter - some have been getting stuck in there. If you still don't have it please email me.

Julie from