Thursday, November 20, 2008

He Loves Me

So my son, age 2, has a SERIOUS Oedipus complex. According to Wikipedia (that font of all knowledge ;) ) this is supposed to peak between ages 3-5. If Daddy so dares to hug me or God forbid kiss me in front of Big Man, all heck breaks lose. He will start yelling "No Daddy!" "MY MOMMY" over and over and over. Even if we are in the car in the front seat and Big Man sees DH lean over and hold my hand - he goes crazy. I think it is cute and funny. DH - not so much. If we aren't even at the peak yet, this is going to be a long pahse. Anyone else had this? Any suggestions on how to deal with it?


Laura said...

my boys never went through this - though when my husband offers a kiss or hug my 21 month old daughter always pipes up "meeee tooo Dada"!!!

BananaBlueberry said...

My son, now almost 5, went through this...
enjoy it while it lasts.. it doesn't :)

My son is very loving still, but loves to read with Daddy, loves doing 'guy stuff' with Dad
and the hardest of all-
now does not call me 'Mommy' anymore-
it's just 'Mom'.
While I'm happy he's becoming a 'big boy'; it's a little hard :)