Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cool Party Ideas

Tonight my out-of-town cousin is having the coolest party. It is an Iron Chef/Top Chef party. Each attendee had to select a secret ingredient and then the hostess picked one from a hat 3 days prior to the party. Then the attendees had to bring a dish (entree or appetizer) made with the ingredient to the party. They will be judged on a number of categories including creativity, taste, etc. At the party she is having Top Chef-ish challenges - naming spices by smell only, tasting ingredients, perhaps some kind of relay race involving constructing an hors d'ouvres. It sounds so cool.

So cool my friends and I are stealing it and doing it this weekend. Ingredients up for grabs - lemon, beer, breadcrumbs, goat cheese, peanuts, pineapple, whiskey, and bacon. I think it will be awesome.

Any other ideas for fun dinner parties??

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jill said...

what are friends like.. hmm. I've only had internet friends for so long its hard to think about. of course i have REAL friends, they just live like 6 hours away.. ahh. life. isn't it grand?