Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fun Little Project

Last week, K and I worked on a cute scrapbooking project I had seen online. It was really fast and came out great! I highly recommend it - even if you don't usually scrapbook. Basically you need 5 peices of 12x12 paper. One of them will be the cover of your box. The other 4 pieces are cut and folded and become the box. You put pictures 4 (or 8 if you do the back) pictures (approx 3.5x3.5) on each page. It is hard to explain - so you should go here to check it out. When you are done it is really cool. The recipient just lifts off the cover of the "box" and the other pages fan out and show off all the pictures. It probably took us less than 2 hours and it would be a great mother's day gift! Here are a few pictures.


Laura said...

LOVE IT!!!!!! way awesome! will have to do that as a gift!

Justice Fergie said...

Oh that IS fantastic! We'll have to do that for Grandma for Mother's Day.