Friday, March 13, 2009

Cool Project and Website with Lots of Potential

I thought I blogged about this before, but I can't find it. Last year Tonya at Currently Crafting had this awesome idea to make a book. She used this awesome free site - - to design the pages. Then she printed them out and mounted them in blank cardboard hardback books she bought on Oriental Trading. Such a cool idea.

So I totally stole it and made a bunch of these for Christmas. I used the great free photo editing software at Scrapblog to put the kids into the stories in the books. Big Man got one about a silly Caterpillar, the girls got one about princesses (thanks to the great Disney pics I had of them all princess'ed up!), and I did a few with superheros for some favorite little boys. They came out so great and the kids all LOVE them. I thought I would it here. I am working on some more for some upcoming birthdays. They are fun to make and come out great. Here are some pics of the one I did for Big Man.

Scrapblog is a great tool for other things too! Party invitations come to mind. You just create a page and then can save it as a .jpg to print. Here is what the .jpg looks like:

As you can see, I used their free tool to cut around an image of Big Man. Then I used their clipart to put in the bench, the butterfly, and add the speaking bubbles. Really so easy, and doesn't it look great?

I am using it now to write a book with K. She is writing the story and we are typing it out in the program. She drew pictures for it and we scanned them it to use as the background. Then we can use all the "stickers" and other clipart they have on scrapblog to embellish and build the pictures for her story. It is great. I will probably post more details on that soon, but wanted to share this great site, and a great idea.

If you don't want to use photos - you don't have to, you can just use their clipart, like Tonya did.


emily said...

I fixed my blog and you should be able to see my scrapblog project! Thanks so much for the tip for that site!! I do not scrapbook but LOVE the idea, and now I can do it online!

So some questions, how did you put the books together and Print? Ordered through the site?

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan,

I really enjoy your designs that are on your Three Time Mommy blog. You are obviously very creative and talented, as evidenced by your writing. Creativity is a gift that's meant to be shared. I myself love scrapbooking and being creative with my imagination. I am continually making and creating items for my family and friends.

My name is Jo-Anne Calderon and I am part of a small team that launched a photo sharing site last year called We are creating a new version of our site (it will relaunch June 1). We have learned that our customers want to have fun creating just as you do when you scrapbook.

The creativity of your blog really inspired me. I thought that perhaps you'd be interested in our Premium Partner Program. The program is pretty flexible. If you want to, and from the looks of your talent on your blog this may interest you greatly, you can create original designs for photo albums, cards and calendars for Hoorray and receive 25% of the revenue that your items bring to our site (this has the potential to earn you $1000s of dollars).

More importantly, as a premium partner, you will have the opportunity to influence the direction of, the development of new features, and have an active part of deciding what we do next. Our new site will focus on helping people create wonderful Photo Gifts. Your ideas and designs can be a part of our renewed efforts to encourage people to preserve their cherished memories and stay connected with the people they love. There are other features to the program, but one of the nice perks is that as a partner, you will receive a free 13x11 Photo Album every month ($39.99).

Email me back with your questions at or call me at (212) 353-6476.

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Hi Megan,

I am just following up on your thoughts on Hoorray's Premium Partners' Program that I had messaged you about a few days ago.

Please let me know your thoughts. You can email me at Once you email me, I can provide you with more information. Thank you, Megan.