Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday 3 Ways

Who gets three birthday parties? K, that's who. She turned 7 on Saturday. First, we had her school party. 8 kids (plus our 3) for a "Fun Pajama Party" - K insisted it had to have the word 'FUN" in the title. I tried to tell her that "party" implies "fun", but she would have none of it. The party was during the day, but she wanted all the kids to wear pajamas. (Probably part of her road to therapy because I don't let the kids wear pajamas downstairs in our house. If you leave the level with all the bedrooms, you must have clothes on - unless its Christmas or you are sick). anyway...

We had a sleeping bag relay race (grab a pillow bear and teddy, run to the sleeping bag, get in, make at least 3 fake snores, get out drop stuff along the way, switch off to teammate), and the kids decorated pillow cases. We also played High School Musical Twister Moves and played in this giant inflatable sports arena thingy we put in the front yard. K doesn't like cake, so I made this ice cream concoction - mixing vanilla ice cream with gummy bears. The "people" are Vienna Fingers and the "blanket" is fruit roll ups. its supposed to look like a sleepover.

Fun was had by all (clearly because they were told to have "FUN"). Then we had to drive like maniacs to K's 1:30 soccer game (which began 1/2 hour after her party ended, and was scheduled just days before the darn thing).

Then, just a few hours later, we had a party with our friends and their kids (who K likes to call her "cousins" since she has known them since she was born). (is it just me or am I using an inordinate number of quotes in this post??!!) Lots of playing in the sports arena thingy and more ice cream.

Then today, DH and I went to her school for her classroom party - complete with Jello cups for all. I think her teacher thinks we are a little nuts.

Finally, the birthdays are over. She is 7.


Lil Mouse said...

a pajama party was listed in one of the new parenting magazines i got a free subscription to, basically for younger kids who WANT to have a sleepover but can't yet, movies, popcorn, etc. were suggested for that. sounds like you guys had a lot of fun

Overwhelmed Mom said... oldest just turned 9 and had 3 parties too...(1)immediate family (2) extended family and (3) friend party at the ice rink...we were finally relieved when the 10 days of celebrating her birthday were over!!! Sounds like you had lots of fun. I like your blog, I'm a working mom of 3 too :)