Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I lost my mind.....again

Every year I say I am going to let each kid pick on activity and that is it. Yet, here we are about to start the fall with 3 kids, each with 2 activity. I did manage to put them all on 2 days (tues night and sunday afternoon) -but it is still nuts.

Putting aside the cost (which I refuse to think about) - the logistics are nuts. On tuesdays, it isn't too bad. DH and I both have to leave work at the stroke of 5. In the car are 2 packed bags (one for gymnastics, one for swimming). DH will grab Big Man and I will run and meet him at the car. We will plow through rush hour traffic to try and get to the elmentary school by 5:35. At the school, DH and Big Man will get out (with the swimming bag) and walk home. I will get the girls, toss them in the car and drive to McDonalds. I will leave them in the parking lot to change into their leotards, while I run in and get their dinner. They will eat dinner in the car during the 10 minute drive to gymnastics. Meanwhile, DH and Big Man will get home, grab something quick to eat, change Big Man into his swim diapers and swim suit and get to the pool by 6:30. The girls and I should get home around 6:45 - in time to finish up homework and get ready for bed. Big Man will arrive around 7:30 - just in time for books before bed (already dressed in his pjs).

Sunday is the bad one. Big Man has gymnastics at 1:30. He will then come home for a late nap. I will take K to swimming at 3:30. Ideally, Big Man will wake up in time for DH to take B to skating at 4:30. I can then pick up B from skating on the way home from swimming with K.

I am exhausted just thinking of it all. Why do I do this to myself???

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Lil Mouse said...

Holy crap. You so have to cut something out of there. that's totally insane. I realize you live in a big city, but can't you do some things not as a scheduled thing, but just, go to the Y or a country club or something so its on your own time? yikes.