Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vacation Memories

(From top to bottom- skyline of NYC by K, T Rex at Natural History Museum by B, Statue of Liberty by K, Statue of Liberty by B)

So last weekend the girls and I went to NYC with Grampa. I was trying to figure out ways to make sure they remembered the trip - and things for them to do to keep them busy in restaurants and on the bus ride there. It couldn't be easier - some markers and blank paper.

The first day at lunch I asked them to draw some of the things they had seen. It was awesome - I figured I'd get 3-4 pics from each. I probably have 25 total. They just ran with it. They drew all kinds of things - things we weren't even sure they noticed as we walked around, but clearly they did!

I have now taken pics of the drawings (and scanned them) and we will include them in our scrapbook next to photos of the real thing. What a great memory - and SO easy! I just carried a large envelope with the blank paper and a pack of markers in my purse. When the finished the picture I would mark who drew it and what it was on the back and put it back in the envelope. INSTANT memories.

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SJL~ said...

GREAT idea! I'm always at a loss on what to do with the kids drawings. After scanning them, you could also print them out and use them as background paper in your scrapbooks. :)

AmyBow said...

how fantastic! the pictures are great and the memories will be even clearer

{ L } said...

What a fun idea! I'm sure they loved this.