Thursday, March 25, 2010

How to Sleep In With Kids

Sleep is REALLY important to me. I love to sleep and I never get enough. So when the kids were little we started a rule that has been huge for my sleeping.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the kids cannot come into our room and disturb us until 8am. 8am!!! yay! They can wake up. They can play in their rooms. They cannot go downstairs (we live in one of those houses where the bedrooms are upstairs and everything else is downstairs) without us (our son would eat us out of house and home). Now I know other moms who let their kids go down and eat. I have another rule that says you can't go downstairs in your pjs (unless you are home sick or it is Christmas) and you don't go downstairs without a parent. This will probably change as the kids get older. But as long as we have a little caveman living in the house - no downstairs.

The best part of the rule is that the kids follow it!!! This started when the oldest was about 3 (she is now almost 8). As soon as she could identify an 8 on the clock, we were good to go. So they get up (usually around 7:15) and play in their rooms, but generally don't bug us until 8am. I HIGHLY recommend this policy. It has saved my sanity (and possibly their lives).

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melanie said...

I will DEFINITELY remember this when my husband and I have little ones! thanks!

Christine Satterfield said...

I so needed to read this.....I'm sleep deprived! But, I only have a 10 month old...maybe we'll teach him to tell time before anything else :-)