Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Disney Secret ----shhhh

This past weekend we took the kids to Disney. I had a conference in Orlando, and so we took them out of school for 2 days and had a BLAST. More on that later.

For now - I found out one of the BEST KEPT SECRETS of Disney. If you are a Disney freak (like me) you are well familiar with the Bippity Boppity Boutique, where kids can get made up like a Disney princess. It it awesome, and the girls did it last trip. But at $55++++ per child, it wasn't in the cards for this visit.

But on my first day there, I saw a little girl with her hair up in a bun, bright colors, and sparkles. It was so cute. I asked if she had been to Bippity. Her mom said no. And then she told me. At the Main Street Barber Shop (in the Magic Kingdom) you can get a little color and sparkle for $7.50. I KNOW! Awesome! They even do boys with hair gel and they can even make a little Mickey head on their hair. (Big Man didn't want it, so I don't have pics). It was certainly not as fancy as Bippity, but it was really cute, the girls got LOTS of compliments, and for less than $8??!! AWESOME!

Will surely be on our to-do list for future trips!

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Nichole said...

That's a great tip -- thanks! We're planning a trip to Disney in January; I'm putting this in my "things to remember" file.

Nony the Slob said...

Thanks for the tip! I wouldn't even have known to look for something like that! We're planning a trip for next summer, and are so excited!

Amanda said...

Hi! Stopping by and couldn't not comment on a Disney post. Big fans and love the barber shoppe!