Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Easy Peasy Knitting Project

So we went on a fabulous RV vacation last weekend (the kids didn't have school thurs, fri and monday!) that I will share with your soon. While we were gone I made two really cute scarfs that were SOOO easy, and probably took about 1-2 hours each. The girls love them. I just used this yarn:

Just one ball and it makes this:

Isn't that so cute? B got pink and purple and K got black and white (her favorite colors). They are so soft and warm and easy as pie. I highly recommend. To make the scarf (directions on the ball) you just cast on and knit knit knit. Nothing to it!

Can't wait to get more of this yarn to make some more!

disclaimer: nobody is paying me anything or sent me anything, or knows anything about this review!

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