Friday, March 9, 2007

Back from My Trip, Breastmilk Survived/Husband Suffered!

Yayy! So I went on a 3 day trip to Chicago for work. I was all stressed about travelling with breastmilk, but it was really not that big a deal. A friend in the office came up with the brilliant idea of shipping myself my freezer packs in our office over-night package. That worked great. So I was able to carry the pump and my suitcase on the plane without checking. Then I did my meetings, going to my room to pump, using the room fridge for storage, and the hotel freezer to keep my freezer packs in. Then, when I left, I got the freezer packs, put them in a cooler in my luggage, and checked it. Then after I went through security I was able to pump and keep it in my pump at room temperature. Worked fine.

Course my poor husband had an awful time. Pretty much when I boarded the plane on Tuesday, daycare called to say our oldest has pinkeye. He picked her up and tried to keep her away from the other two. So on Wed, she was at home with him and the others went to school. By 2pm they called to say Isabelle had it. Poor hubby he had to go get her, and call the dr for more antibiotics. So he could bring #1 back to school on Thurs, and keep #2 home, and pray #3 didn't get it. Poor guy. He was really a great sport about the whole thing. Both girls are doing fine and babyboy seems to escaped (for now).

Gotta love business travel..never a dull moment.


Stephanie said...

A friend at work is pumping and had to travel. She put 3 oz in each bag, and put them in a quart ziploc. Had an icepack too, and went thru security with no problems. Although she did comment on how easy it would be to combine the milk (or whatever it may be) once she went thru security...

3XMom said...

good to know! Wold have to be a short trip, though to fit all that milk into one quart bag.