Thursday, April 5, 2007

Daycare Illness Woes

I love my daycare, really I do. All three of my kids have gone there since they were 16 weeks, and I know they love and care for them well. But sometimes they just get to me.

My little guy ("big man") has sensitive skin. He has eczema and gets rashes a lot. They know this, they have seen it. But on Tuesday they call my DH to say that big man has a blotchy rash and he needs to come get him. So we figure its because big man is wearing a new shirt that day, and that is probably what is irritating his skin (our fault bcuz we didn't wash it in Dreft). So DH goes and buys some cream at the CVS to take it down to him.

When he gets to the daycare, big man is not there. He is out on a buggy ride with the whole class. So my hubby thinks, cool, they must realize its just a skin thing and nothing to be worried about. He comes back in half an hour, just as the kids are returning. He goes to pick up big man to take a look and apply the cream, and the teachers tell him that he needs to go home immediately and not return without a drs note. DH is like "what??!! -- he is too sick to stay at school, yet he went on a buggy ride with the rest of the class?!" That was so ridiculous. They said no way, he's outta here.

So big man had an unrelated appointment the next day with a pulminologist (respiratory and eczema are actually weirdly closely related). That dr wrote a note saying it was a contact rash and nothing debilitating or contagious.

We are still burning over it though. I mean, he is either sick and should be isolated from other kids, or he can keep doing all the regular activities. You can't have both, people!


Amy W said...

Both my kids had eczema (and coincidentally asthma as they seem to go together), so I feel your pain. I have too been called for a rash when it has disappeared by the time I have arrived at daycare.

Mordermi said...

Actually, I didn't leave and come back, I waited there the whole 1/2 hour. When I got there, they called the teachers out on their walk and they said that the class was on the way back and should be there in a few minutes. It's when they don't get back until 30 min later that I'm [upset]. If he's sick enough to have to go home, don't have him out somewhere it takes 30 min to get back from! After saying that to the assistant director for the center, I left before I said something really inappropriate.