Monday, April 16, 2007

Great Wolf Lodge -- Family Vacation Success!

So last week, we took the whole brood to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA. I have to say, it was great. Really. First, no plane trip, just a two hour drive. Conveniently, almost the same length as a kids' movie. Perfect. Next, we had a suite in the hotel, giving the kids their own space and meant we could watch movies after they went to bed without waking them up. Third, onsite entertainment. The waterpark was REALLY cool. And good variety. A shallow pool with slides for my 2.5 year old. One of us would sit in that pool with the baby while she went round and round up and down the little slides. The other would get to go with our almost 5 year old on the big (2-4 story) water slides. Lots of fun! They also had a little club with craft activities (about 1/2 free, 1/2 pay) and kids movies. There was also a large arcade (which we thankfully avoided) and storytime every night.

The hotel rooms themselves weren't bad. They didn't double wrap the blankets (sheet on top and bottom), which bugs me, but also makes me a hotel snob. The room was basically clean, but they could have used to move some furniture and clean under that too. They did provide a decent size fridge and microwave, which meant we could eat breakfast and lunch in the room, which was convenient and saved money! The kids loved their bunk beds in the "wolf's den" part of our room. The pool was very clean and the lifeguards were really great. Very attentive, always in and around all the pools. Very good. It can be pricey, however. But you have to remember you can go to the waterpark from 1pm day in until 10pm day out. If you figure in waterpark fees for a family of 5 (even 4 if the baby doesn't count), it isn't as bad as it seems.

We will definitely go again.

This summer we are thinking of spending a week in Pennsylvania. I am thinking of some selection of Dutch Wonderland, Dorney Park (and our friends who live near there), the Crayola Factory and Sesame Place. Anyone have any thoughts??


Joshua said...


I cant recommend Dutch Wonderland enough. Quiet, clean, fun.... random princesses walking around. You cant go wrong/

Stephanie said...

We stayed at Sprucelodge. They have a website. It was pretty inexpensive per night. Looked for a suite hotel, and couldn't find one. I don't believe they have that sheet thing that you like going for them though! It was like a little cabin. The kids went to sleep, and we hung out on the "porch".

Also, if you go twilight the night before and buy ticket for the next day, you get in free that night. We did that and rode some rides and got an idea of how the park was laid out!

Stephanie again said...

Amy W said...

I was thinking of taking the family here as well. Glad to hear a good review of it.