Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fast-forwarding Through Life

So I've recently been thinking about inventions and how amazing some products/technologies we now have. I was in a law office last week and saw a typewriter. It almost made me laugh out loud. I mean, when I started working everyone had a typewriter on their desk. Now you can't fine one in my office - anywhere! For a while we had one in the copy room, but it is now long gone. My all time favorite invention (next to the WWW) is TIVO. I LOVE Tivo. Seriously. I wish all of life was like Tivo - you would only have to live the parts you wanted and could skip the rest -- and you could fast-forward parts that were boring. Wouldn't that be great? With the exception of sports and Good Morning America, we never watch live television anymore. That's so 2001! hee hee. The biggest problem I have with Tivo is that I get used to it and hate when I can't use it. Like in the car when I am listening to the radio and I miss something - my first instinct it to just rewind. And it really bugs me when I can't!!

What is your favorite technology/product?


Anonymous said...

I'm having an affair with my DVR :) I, too, get bent out of shape when I try to rewind something on the radio. Live tv? What's that? I can't STAND watching live tv. If I want to watch something the same night it's on, I'll let the show get 15 mintes ahead and then can fast forward through most of the commercials.

I'm sad.

Shari said...

Love, Love, Love my DVR... but my favorite is my satellite radio in my car because I CAN REWIND it and I do... a lot!

3XMom said...

seriously, you can do that with satellite radio??!! i had no idea...hmmm.

we do the same thing with live tv-- wait to be able to fast forward.

Why are you sad?

Stephanie said...


ktjrdn said...

I was just thinking about this today, but for a different reason. Do you remmeerb when white-out was a FANTASTIC NEW invention? it was wonderfuL! Now, If I have a typo, I just fix it and hit print again. i can't rememer the last time I used white-out.