Friday, September 21, 2007

la la la la la...I can't hear you

If I read or hear one more article about how to prevent ear infections I will scream. These always suggest the same things: 1) don't smoke near your child - nobody in our house, or frankly, anyone we interact with, smokes; 2) breastfeed - did for DD#1 for 13 months, DD#2 for 10 1/2 months, and DS for 9 months -- the latter two gave it up themselves; 3) limit pacifier use after 6 months -- none of our kids used pacifiers - they are all self-soothers. And yet, all three suffered with multiple ear infections. #1 and #2 outgrew them by 1 year. My big man is the worst. He has had a ton of ear infections -- at least two of which lasted more than 6 weeks. His current one he was diagnosed with at his 1-yr well visit. He has now had this one for almost 8 weeks. We're on the 4th different antibiotic (and I know they say you don't need antibiotics, but we have to try something!!) We final got a referral to an ENT doc. He goes next week. I am a big believer in tubes, so I am open to that, if that is recommended. While I will panic about putting him under, I hate to see him suffer when his head is killing him.


Amy W said...

Audrey had tubes, and she too was like your son in that she had an ear infection from October until her surgery last February. They would switch drugs every week to no avail.

And after surgery? Totally different child, happy, slept. The best thing we did for her.

3XMom said... great to hear.

ktjrdn said...

Just be prepared for the screaming when the anesthetic wears off. Wow. it was bad with my first. I have an appointment with the ENT for my second kid next week. I'm hoping for tubes. I feel for you.

And, yes. the tubes made a world of difference in Ally too.

Happy Working Mom said...

Just so you know, my kids used a pacifier for 2 years and didn't get ear infections.

I have a friend that has put tubes in both of her kids' ears and it was a HUGE difference!!! I wish you the best of luck and I hope that the ENT recommends tubes!

Jules said...

I hope your son will quit hurting with all the ear infections. My son had them, also. He is 21, and no he didn't have tubes. A soy based formula helped a little for him. He grew out of them.