Friday, November 30, 2007

Updates and some links

A few updates:

  • House - we are slowly moving stuff in. Fireplace is installed. Shower doors still being worked on. Will post pictures soon. Babysitter coming tonight so we can get some more stuff out of storage. Drapes look awesome, and the $99 rug I got at BJs works perfectly (especially until we can get mucho bucks to buy a HUGE rug).
  • Big Man - he is addicted to eating crayons. The girls never did this. Any tips on getting him to stop? He doesn't just chomp the tops off, he munches on them too. Ick.
  • K - my oldest has an issue with the seam on tights and socks. It must be right along the topside of her toes or she will completely lose it. It drives me nuts, because I think it is so ridiculous. However, a friend yesterday said she can relate and knows of others who have bought seamless socks and tights to avoid this problem. Really??!! I thought she was just insane.
  • My running - I am still doing about 2.5 miles 3x a week. Turns out the gym I wanted to join to run inside during the winter doesn't open until 6:25. Scary to say, that is too late for me. I was thinking I'd run outside, but what to do about the cold? A friend at work recommended REI. I got great polartek stuff that actually allows me to be warm without sweating when it is cold outside. So far (it has only been as low as 35) it has worked.
  • Xmas shopping - I have started and am getting there slowly. The hardest part is getting B to tell us what she wants. So far she wants whatever K wants.

While looking for some Christmas ideas, I stumbled on this awesome website. You can print out personalized Christmas stories for your kids, there are games, educational worksheets, etc. It is really great and FREE!

Any other good sites you can recommend?


Lil Mouse (Jill) said...

separate the kids for their lists. i did that with my niece and nephew one year and it worked wonders.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see pics of the house!!

No advice for running in the winter. Hell, I don't run ANYtime of the year. :)

Pam said...

yeah for the house! good luck with the shopping and getting ideas..thanks for sharing the website