Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Signs of Fall

Over the weekend we made applesauce. It was a big hit with the kids (well, the thought the end product was ok, but they loved making it). It was pretty simple - about 6-8 apples, some water, a bit of cinnamon, a bit of vanilla, cup of sugar, and some lemon juice. The kids loved peeling and coring the apples. And dumping everything in the pot. They also loved the mashing. We used a potato masher and just crunched it all up when the apples had softened. Makes me truly think of fall. (well, that and the 50 degree temperatures!!!)


AmyBow said...

that sounds lovely. i think we will try this too. i bet not many apples will make it to the pot without teethmarks in my house.

Justice Fergie said...

great idea! i think we'll try to take the kids apple picking this weekend.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

That sounds really good. I would use it to add some great flavor to pancakes.