Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Want to Play a Game?

So our girls LOVE games. Virtually any kind of game will do. They particularly like Uno, Hungry Hippos, and Connect Four. Just recently we pulled out our old Nintendo 64 and showed them Mario Cart. They have also tried Viva Pinata on XBox. DH and I like games too, so it has been fun. The difficult part is figuring out games we can all play. Four of us can pretty successfully play Mario Cart, but we haven't figured out what to do with Big Man. Often he is happy sitting on someone's lap while we play.

It is also hard on K, who wants to play more advanced games, but with Big Man around, it is hard to keep him from taking pieces or otherwise messing things up. She really loves Rush Hour Jr, which is hard to play with Big Man around, cuz he wants to play with the cars.

Any good family games you would recommend?


Laura said...

My kids love Trouble and Jr. Monopoly - both fun for everyone.

The younger one is even starting to get into the games. They are easy and fun.

dml91hokie said...

Life. They don't get it yet (college or not, etc) but once you put the board together it works well. Also Uno and Skip-Bo have been favorites and they also teach number sequencing. We found Cheesy Parcheesy and Aggravation a while ago - although in Aggravation every person has 4 marbles but it is a 6 person game so little man can start playing when he can keep the marbles out of his mouth. Then there is Cadoo an Cranium. I can't remember if its Cranium Jr or not but that was fun even if the kids didn't know the answers since we tend to pair one kid with an adult.

Amy W said...

We love our and baseball and Mario Kart are our favs on it. As far as board games, we haven't really gotten into many as a family yet.

Courtney said...

We have similar problems, as my boys are 7 and 3, so the little one can't do all the things the older one can. But, we have had luck with the kid card games such as Go Fish, Crazy 8's and Old Maid. The 3 year old knows enough to participate, and the 7 yr old doesn't think it is "dumb" yet. lol Hullabaloo by Cranium is a silly fun active game the whole family can play too. Also Balloon Lagoon.