Friday, December 19, 2008

Yes Dear, Welcome to the 21st Century

So I finally have used Craig's List. I am a HUGE freecycle fan, but have never used Craig's list before. I have looked at it, but never participated.

Well, last night I bit the bullet and bought something. Last year when we did our addition, we added this big open window between our kitchen and great room. I love it, but the problem is we used to have a large pot rack hanging on the wall that now has the window. So for the last year all of our pots and pans have just been hanging out on our countertops. And it drives me CRAZY!!!! After all the cooking/baking I have been doing in the last 2 weeks, I had had it! So I went on Craig's list and started looking at buffets. Actually I started with Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn, but wasn't prepared to spend $1500 to get what I wanted. Yesterday on Craig's list someone was selling this:

Actually they were selling it along with a dining set, that I do not need/want. So I emailed the guy and asked if he would sell just the buffet. He said yes, for $100. $100!!!!! It is not the right color wood for my dining room (which is all dark wood), but for $100 I couldn't turn it down.

I went to get it last night. This sucker weighed a ton! The guy helped me carry it out, but I seriously thought I was stretching my arms from the weight. I called DH on the way home and told him I could NOT help get it in the house. Luckily our neighbors were still up.

It works great. Holds my pots and pans perfectly with extra space. I am so happy. I wish it was darker wood - but love the pattern. Would I lose that if I stained it? Or would the lighter parts stay lighter? Any suggestions? I guess I could also tape off the different squares. Hmm..

Anyway, I have finally joined the rest of the universe and embraced Craig's list. Great first experience.

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Dave said...

If you were inclined, you could strip off the current finish, being careful with the sandpaper -- it's probably just veneer -- and then apply a darker stain, and then put on a couple layers of polyurethane.

If those are cabinet doors, and removable, it'd be a piece of cake.