Sunday, December 28, 2008

Present? What Present?

So a few weeks ago we went to play Rock Band 2 at a friend's house. The kids loved it and immediately wanted it for Christmas. We had already talked to Santa so they were worried he wouldn't bring it. We suggested we could ask Nana or Grampa or someone else for it. About a week ago they told Nana she was bringing it for them. lol. On Christmas eve they mentioned it several times and said they really hoped they would get it.

Well, Christmas morning comes. Nana had brought Rock Band and we just covered it with a blanket. They opened everything and were happily playing all day and never mentioned it. We asked them several times if they got everything they wanted and they assured us they got every last thing. Finally last night, DH and I wanted to play it. We asked again if there was anything they didn't get. Nope. I said, really? Like a game you wanted us all to play together? blank stares. Finally K says "Hey! we didn't get Rock Band". We said, are you sure? We had pulled the blanket off it hours ago and nobody had noticed. They walked around a big and finally saw it. So we got in a few games last night. It really is a blast. It will be great when the girls learn more songs than just "we got the beat".

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