Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What was that blur? Oh yeah, it was the weekend.

So this was a CRAZY weekend. I know I said that about last weekend (making over Big Man's room), but it had nothing on this one!

On Thursday morning I took the train to NYC for a conference. Great conference - also had a fun time walking around Greenwich Village - sooo cute! Anyway, hopped the train back on Friday arrived around 7:30pm.

Saturday morning left the house at 8am with a packed car and kids and DH to drive to upstate NY to visit DH's Grandmom. She is 93 and has pancreatic cancer. We haven't seen her in a year. It was past due. Got up there in about 6 1/2 hours. Grandmom was great. In great spirits. Kids had a blast playing with the snow in her yard, and we even got them on a sled around the yard. When we pulled it out, the kids said "What is that??!!" They had never been sledding, but c'mon! In K's words, "aren't sleds red and round like the one clifford has in puppy days?" That is so sad. They couldn't even recognize a traditional sled with runners. So I had found a sledding hill near Grandmom's (thanks google - sledding hill + Portville NY) and we took the kids up there. They LOVED it. Even though it was freezing, and they weren't wearing the appropriate clothes, and it was snowing, they had a blast. So Sunday morning we went to a local KMart and picked up snowpants for all. We also got some $6 sledding mats (foam with some kind of slick plastic on the bottom) so they could sled again before we left. Around 2pm, we headed home.

Monday morning we got up and headed northwest again for a planned day of Snow Tubing. We met some friends there and had a blast. Actually most of us did. The grownups and the biggest kids loved it. The youngers liked it alot, but also got tired more quickly. B went down 2-3 times, but was a little scared. Big Man was too small for the runs, but had a little hill. He went down it 2x and was done. He spent the rest of the 2 hours watching. I thought it was awesome.

So that was the weekend. Fun, but exhausting. I don't want to know how many miles I logged between Thursday and Monday. CRAZY. Here are some pics:

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Courtney said...

What fun! Glad you all had a good (although busy) weekend!