Friday, April 3, 2009

In Praise of PodCasts

So a colleague of mine just discovered iTunes. He has had a iPod for a while, but had just burned his cds, and not downloaded any content. I was telling him how I love to listen to podcasts on my iPod, and thought I would share some of my favorites here. These are great - and FREE!!! Gotta love that.

1) NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - if you have never heard this hysterical NPR newsquiz show - i LOVE it - it is awesome and comes out weekly.

2) NPR's Selected Shorts - short stories read by actors. I do not like reading short stories. But listening to them is perfect.

3) The Dis Unplugged - all you ever wanted to know about Disney World and trip planning.

4) WDW radio - more about Disney

5) KCRW's Good Food - a foodies heaven. Recipes, restaurant reviews (for southern california), and interesting information about food.

Any other great podcasts I should add to my list?


AmyBow said...

I like This American Life - another NPR podcast and The Moth, firsthand non-fiction stories told in a "storytelling" fashion. The Moth is only 15 minute long which is great for a short car trip!

Dave said...

I listen to a couple... The Splendid Table, from American Public Radio -- foodie oriented.

Common Sense by Dan Carlin -- a guy rants about current affairs from a non-partisan point of view. (This same guy does another podcast called "Hardcore History," where he talks about key moments in history, and what it all might mean to us now -- unfortunately, his creative output on both of these shows is irregular.)

There's also Car Talk from NPR.

And really technical, but Security Now! by Steve Gibson and Leo Leporte, about computer security issues.