Friday, August 14, 2009

Almost Time to Get Off (on) the Pot

A few weeks ago Big Man moved into the Preschool room at daycare. He was only one of two kids who were not potty-trained (not a prerequisite for the class). Big Man plays with potty training - sits on the potty quite a bit, but rarely does much. I haven't started to work on it much yet. But last week the little girl who moved with him started wearing underwear. His teachers talked to Big Man about it, and said don't you want to be like Macy? Big Man looked them right in the eye and said "I not ready yet". hee hee

Sometime this fall I hope to complete my third successful potty training using the one weekend method. Big Man is a little stubborn (can't imagine where he gets it from), so I don't think it will be fun, but it would be nice to be diaper free finally!

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This Mom said...

I imagine the day I will be Diper free. I have been buying diapers for over 11 years. THAT"S OVER A DECADE. Youngest is 19 months so I am hoping next summer I will be diaper free.