Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Up on the Farm

This weekend we went to Western New York/PA for a memorial service for DH's grandmother. She lived to be a ripe old 94 and still had her faculties -- we can all be so lucky.

After the service, there was a pig roast on DH's uncle's farm. It is a cattle farm and the kids LOVED playing with the cows, throwing rocks and sticks in the creek, climbing on the hay bails, and running around the barn. It was great for them to play with their 2nd cousins (we think - DH's 1st cousins kids?), whom they rarely see.

Big Man really loved the cows, asking about every half an hour the whole 4 hours we were there to go see the cows. At one point he asked to see the piggies. I explained that this was a cattle farm, and so there were only cows. Big Man looked at me and pointed at the roasting drum and said "Momma..they cooking a piggie right over there!" LOL....he got me there.

We had a great time with family and some awesome roast pork with Uncle Massey's secret BBQ. Gotta get that recipe.

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