Friday, August 17, 2007

12 adults + 13 kids = 1 BEACH VACATION

So tomorrow bright and early we are off to the beach. YAYYYY. This is a crazy, but awesome trip I look forward to all year! We rent a big house and 6 families head to the beach. We are outnumbered this year because someone went and had 3 kids !!??!!( ooops, that was me), but it should be fine. The kids range from 1-7, with most in the 3-5 range. They are all going to be in bunk beds on the bottom floor of our house. The adults are on the middle and top floors. The house is 500 ft to the beach, has a large pool, a kiddie pool, two hot tubs and an elevator. I can't wait to see it!

We've taken this same trip for over 15 years -- starting when we had just graduated from college -- no husbands yet and certainly no children. It has definitely evolved since then, but is still a highlight of my year. We have this awesome spreadsheet that outlines dinners for all week, cleaning, kids activities, etc. Each family is responsible for one meal, one happy hour (with drinks and appetizer), one kid activity, and one night of cleaning. Also the adult boys get one day out (they are golfing) and so do the girls (not sure what we are doing yet). We all pay a flat rate for room, and food and drinks. Works like a charm.

So..I'm off to the Outer Banks. Will post some pics and stories as soon as I am back.


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome vacation!! Something I'd LOVE to do with friends and their kids. Oh wait...all my friends with kids? Yeah, they live in my computer :)

Have a wonderful time! Be safe! :)

Lil Mouse said...

sounds great. wish me and my buds could do that.. sigh..

Jules said...

Have a great time!