Monday, August 20, 2007

We're on vacation, we're on vacation!

So we got up at dawn to make it to the beach before the heaviest traffic. Made it here around 12:30 on saturday. Had some yummy NC bbq, and killed time at the playground in the middle of a shopping area. We were all here and ready when the house was available at 4pm. The house is well suited for
our needs, if not somewhat grungy. It's can tell it had been nice (granite countertops, beautiful wood floors) but the carpet and sofas are all stained and the house has clearly not been kept up. It is closer to the beach than I thought (right across the street!) And the pool is huge
(although they are having some electrical issues with the pump). So far we've had 5-6 nudie kids running around from time to time, and many propositions to sleep together (mostly to get the top bunk). From the 5 and 6 year olds. The first night the kids crashed around 9:45pm..last night it was
8:30! Love what sun and water can do to exhaust the little ones!!
You would not believe how much 13 kids this small can eat. There are about 5 slices of cheese left in a 5lb block after just one lunch??!! We are also going through minibagels and bread like crazy!!
Anway, will report more later, but suffice it to say we are having a blast!

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Jules said...

Yeah, good for you! I am glad that you are having a good time.