Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Vacation Summary

We had so much fun at the beach, I wish I was still there. Don't get me wrong -- it was insane. As only one house with 13 children (most in the 3-5 range) can be. But it was also great.

Our typical day -- kids up around 6:30 (ARGHH!) . Eat breakfast and let them veg in front of the tv. 9:00ish head to the beach. Let the kids frolic in the sand and waves (try not to panic too much about them being swept out to sea). 11:30ish head back to the house (3 blocks away). Get lunch together and feed everyone. 1-3ish nap/quiet time. Kids who don't nap are sent to 2nd floor to watch a movie. Kids who nap (most days average = 3 (2 of whom are babies)) go to their rooms. Adults get the third floor and read books, play Boggle or Mingh, and veg. Optional sitting on the deck listening to the waves encouraged. 3:30 - kids craft activity. 4ish head to the pool (out back). Hang in the pool as long as possible before kids dinner/adult happy hour at 6:30ish. Kids in bed (although not close to sleep) at 8:15ish. Adult dinner at 8:30 followed by games and eventually bed.

Adults also had a few outings -- boys went golfing; girls went on a tour of the upper beaches and wild horses.

  • getting the pools to work (electrical issue with the house) - we had a little kiddie pool that served as a waterfall into the big pool - very cool
  • kids singing with Tim, who played his guitar
  • Matthew's Wiggles bday party
  • tour guide passing out while in wild horse country (we can't make this stuff up!)
  • yummy happy hour drinks
  • watergun wars in the pool
  • Portuguese wine - yummmm
  • managing not to drown anyone (even those who fell in the pool and couldn't swim)
  • weird THUMP in the night
  • catching a fish at the beach (it was tiny and caught in a net at the water's edge)
  • Kathy break-dancing (LOL)
  • leftover Oreos and Ice Cream Sandwiches -- what the @(*#&@(*?
  • delicious dinners

Already looking forward to next year!


alissa said...

That sounds like such fun!! And so impressively organized! On I daily at-home day I couldn't be so structured, nevermind on vacation! And I've only got two kids to boot!

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome!! I hope to have a tradition like this starting next year :)

Julie said...

Sounds like you had an awesome vacation. That's the kind I want to go on next year!