Saturday, August 4, 2007

Porch, Ho!

So the house renovation is going really well. The back now has siding and a roof, skylights and most of the windows. This week they started working on the porch. Here is what it looked like two weeks ago (after they had pulled out most of the bushes and weeds and such):

Here it is now:

Isn't it so cool? The one and ONLY one good thing our idiot architect contributed to this project is the skylights on the porch. This will allow us to still have light in the front room of our house. You can't tell from this shot, but the triangle over the door goes with the one over the dormer on the left. I really like it.

As I am told happens with all remodeling, we are now officially hemorrhaging money. There is the overall project which we refinanced our mortgage to pay for (hey honey, after 9+ years of owning our house, we owe twice on it what we did when we bought it -- yay!); then we got a new hot water heater a few months ago to include the new bathroom; now we are upgrading the HVAC in the new space to provide for central air conditioning to the whole house; then we had them fix one part of the roof and realized it was probably just as big a problem everywhere and are having the whole roof replaced; we also have to move the gas meter from the front because of the porch. Everyday we look at each other and say "how many thousands of dollars did we spend today, honey?" never mind the fact that we have no grass or bushes or landscaping anymore... Oh well, its just money, right?


Jules said...

Lol, Your house is looking great! It is true that you do end up hemoraging money. It will be so nice when it is all done.

Anonymous said...

It's looking really nice!! I'm dreading the day I own a house and decide "Hey!! Let's do this!".

Can't wait to see the finished look. Central air? SO worth it...we have it where we live now and I will NEVER go back to window units again!!

Julie said...

I love the porch!

Edie C said...

What a difference that porch makes!! It looks great!!

I know it sucks to spend all that $$, but it should be worth it in the long run!!

Mordermi said...

As I said before, phrases you don't want to hear your wife throwing around:

"So, as long as we're hemorraging money..."