Monday, June 23, 2008

Come On DOWN!

I am a game show junkie. I have always like them. I remember loving being home sick from school cuz it meant I could watch the Price is Right. Now days I don't get to watch many shows - but I have always loved Password. So I am so excited about the new Million Dollar Password. I love the game, but not sure about the way this one works. Basically if you make it into the money round, you first have to get 5 words to make $10k, then $25k - which is a safety level. Once you reach $25k, you can never lose it. But all the rest are losers. Starting with $50k, $100k, etc you would lose it all down to $25k. And in the million dollar round you have to get 5 words out of 5 with no mistakes and no passes. I just don't see anyone ever going for that. They need to have another safety level. I would LOVE to be on this show.

I tried out for Scrabble when I was in college, but didn't make it. I have a friend who was on Jeopardy. Anyone ever been on a game show?


Lana said...

How weird! I was watching last night and thinking the same thing. This HAS to be one of my favorite game shows EVER, but the new version does need another safety net.

pixie4bears said...

I have never been on a game show but the price is right was one of my favorite sick day shows too. It isn't the same without Bob Barker.

ktjrdn said...

I tried out for Deal or No Deal recently. No dice

Emily said...

2 friends and I flew to LA a few years ago because we got Price is Right tickets. We waited in line at 3am and got to sit in the front row! One of my friends is a tad outgoing and was picked to COME ON DOWN. It was unbelievably exciting! First item up to bid...she won! And she got to go onstage to meet Bob Barker! She made him laugh, she kissed him twice...and then she won $16,000!
It was the most exhausting/awesome day ever.