Thursday, June 12, 2008

Public School ROCKS!

So my oldest, K, goes to the local public school. And by local, I mean 2 doors away. I have to say that we are lucky to live in an area that has some of the best public schools in the country. That said, I know a bunch of people that send their kids to private school. That just kills me. You pay all this extra money in property taxes and other fees to live in an area with high quality schools - and you send your kid to private school. I just don't get it. But anyway...

In our County we have options for school - we can go to the neighborhood joint, or we can select other options- like Montessori or Spanish-immersion. But we really wanted her to go to the local school, and I am so glad we made that choice.

First, at the Kindergarten orientation last year the Principal said we could schedule an appointment to come meet with her individually. So, I did. And at that meeting, she suggested I take an hour and visit the three kindergarten classes to get a feel for them, and offer my advice on which one would be best for my child. And so I did, and we love the teacher we selected that K got.

Now, as we approach 1st grade, I asked the Principal if I could do the same thing and for first grade. She welcomed my input, so I went and observed the three 1st grade classrooms. They were all great, but I definitely had a preference, which I emailed the principal.

I know that not all public schools are as welcoming, or helpful, or high quality. But I am so grateful for ours!


Happy Working Mom said...

We love our school system too (although we're not actually in school yet, we've heard so many fantastic things from neighbors and friends). I don't understand paying the higher taxes and still sending your kids to private school either.

I hope you get the first grade teacher you want!

Julie said...

Wow, we don't get to provide input or request teachers in our school here in NOVA - you're lucky.

Justice Fergie said...

that's really awesome. are you in moco?