Monday, June 23, 2008

The Gift of Life

I gave blood today. Specifically I gave a double-red donation - meaning they took double the number of red-blood cells than a regular donation, but gave me back the other stuff (platelets? white cells? No clue really). For me, it makes things easier, because they get double the red cells (which are most needed), and I only have to donate 3x a year.

I have O-negative blood, which is the universal donor. So once I give, I get calls every 8 weeks or so begging me to give again. Giving double red will shorten that - because I can't give again for 16 weeks.

I believe that every community in the country is facing a serious blood shortage. If you have an hour or so - please go donate some blood. I know some people aren't crazy about it, and Lord knows I don't like needles. But I like to think that if someone in my family or amongst my friends needs blood one day, I did my part to replenish the supply.

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pixie4bears said...

Good for you for giving! I hope that more and more people start to give. I gave blood for the first time last year and cried through it all but it was worth it to help someone and I would do it it again!

Jen said...

I just did this for the first time a few weeks ago and it felt so good (not literally, but mentally). I am due to go back in about another month or so. I have it marked on my calendar.