Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Love Notes

Not a new idea, but one that works for me!

A few weeks ago I started writing notes to my oldest and putting them in her lunch box. She has just started to read on her own, and I thought this would be a way of encouraging her.

It has been such a great thing. Everyday I send her a little note, and every day she writes me a note back. It has been so great. Her notes usually respond to something I said. Recent quotes from my sweet girl, "You are a good mom to me be cas you alp me wan I am sic"..."I am hipe that you love my school wrc", and my personal favorite "I love you becas you are my boust friend mom". Obviously spelling not a big concern in kindergarten. But is surely has been a great way for use to communicate! And helping her read and write is a bonus!

Go over to Rocksinmydryer for more ideas!


Laura said...

How great!

When I was a kid my dad drew on my paper lunch bag - always something related to my day or mood or whatever!

My little guy cannot read yet - but I put a big heart cutout and a photo in his snack bag every Monday - the photo is usually something we did on the weekend. He loves it. Daddy was making his snack bag up the other day and asked DJ what he wanted and DJ said, "oh, just put your heart into it!"!!!!

Sabrina said...

That is an awesome idea :) My 5 year old starts kindergarten this year....have mixed feelings about it.

Teff said...

Oh that is so sweet! I wish my Mom did that when I was younger :(

Still a few more years until my oldest starts school, but I dread that day!

Might steal that idea from you when she starts! :)