Friday, August 29, 2008

Finish the Sentence

I saw this Meme on Diary of a Modern Matriarch and thought it looked fun. Rules are easy -

Finish the sentence.

Maybe I should learn to use my sewing machine.

I love the smell of stove-cooked popcorn (not the microwave crap).

People would say that I am busy!

Tomorrow I will start coming up with a plan to clean our old bedroom.

I don’t understand why people still support President Bush. (sorry, I really don't)

I lost my sanity long ago - thank God, or I would go crazy!

Life is great, fun, exhausting, joyous.

My past involves good times with good friends and family.

I get annoyed with close-minded people.

My idea of a good time is hanging out in my kitchen with my friends and our families.

I wish I had about 10 hours more a day!

I have low tolerance of ignorance.

Never in my life have I been water skiing (and not regular skiing since I was about 6).

High School was fun.

When I'm nervous I realize I am probably doing something good for myself.

I'm almost always doing six things at one time.

I'm addicted to decaffeinated raspberry ice tea.

I want someone to clean my house.

I am not going to tag anyone - but feel free to use!


Laura said...

Oh, I wish for 10 more hours a day too - and for someone to clean my house - Let's start a petition!!!!

pixie4bears said...

Yum Stove top popcorn does smell so good!

AnastasiaSpeaks said...

I like this one and your answers...especially the first one! It would be nice if I could learn that too since I got it about over a year ago.