Monday, August 25, 2008

Food Fun - Part II

So after our first week of teaching the kids how to eat like people (where every single night was a screaming, hysterical, sobbing mess), the kids got a break because we went on vacation. I wasn't going to make them actually order stuff they won't eat from a menu.

But tonight we were back at it. Actually last night, but that was just pasta, bread, and applesauce - and they eat that all the time. Tonight was steak sandwiches, hash browns, and broccoli. And -- AMAZINGLY -- there was no crying. There was even a bit of enthusiasm. What a miracle!!! They didn't happily eat it - but they did eat it - most of it. It was awesome. And like I said, NO FUSSING. I'm sure it is a temporary bloop, but I will take it!!

Tomorrow is salmon - something neither my husband or I eat. I am the worst New Englander ever - I don't like snow - I don't ski - and I don't eat fish. My Dad, when he was growing up, his mother served dry fish sticks EVERY single Friday. So when he got married, my Dad told my mother he would not eat fish - ever. My mom loved fish, and used to get it at restaurants, but we never had it at home. So I never got a taste for it. But it is so good for you, so I want to try and like it.

So, tomorrow night lets hope there are not 5 sobbing, hysterical people at my dinner table! Wednesday night is terryaki chicken.


Stephanie said...

Mom used to tell us there was a "surprise" for dinner, and then serve us liver! You should tell the kids that, it will make them feel much better. (mom is looking over my shoulder and claims she never said that, but she did. Now she says she added bacon. It was still liver.)

ShannanB aka Mommy Bits said...

That is great news. I love introducing the boys to new foods. It's important for them to know theres more to life than chicken nuggets and french fries, lol.

pixie4bears said...

I hope that it went well. It is good to hear that the first night back went good. I am proud! Keep up the good work.