Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I had a great mom's day yesterday. First, the kids brought me "breakfast" in bed. Sadly, because I was still on the incredibly restrictive carb-deplete first week of my diet - breakfast consisted of 3 pieces of salami and a glass of iced tea. But it was delivered to me in bed with presents and cards in tow. Big Man's teachers are so creative - last week we had to bring in a old shoe. The kids decorated them with stickers and glitter and pompoms and they put a small potted pansy in it. SOOO Cute! K made me a beautiful ceramic bowl. And B made a very nice card with a picture of her swinging and me pushing her.

Then DH took all the kids out grocery shopping (thank goodness for the "cookie store"), while I cleaned the house. I know that sounds terrible - but I really wanted to do it. I cleaned out our big garden window in the kitchen and our pass-through and they look so great. It made me very happy. I also cleaned my scrapbook area (but have yet to do any actual scrapbooking in forever!).

In the afternoon I went out to do a little shopping on my own. First I hit Michael's for some crafting supplies. Next door was a Ritz Camera that was going out of business. I scored a cartridge for my color printer that normally retails for $25 for $5.25!! THEN I went to Goodwill, scored 5 shirts, 2 sweaters, 2 skirts, 2 cute belts (one NEW with tags), and pair of sneakers for Big Man for....(wait for it)......$15.75!!!! The guy at the checkout asked if I was a mom. When I said yes, he said, "$15.75 for all of it." I was like, what??!! He said, yup, mother's day special! Not sure what that was about - but YAY!

When I got home the kids and I hit the porch and front yard to plant some flowers I had bought - and them some bubble-fun. K had got a bunch of fun wands for her bday and so we had a blast.

MIL & Grampy came over for dinner of hamburgers on the grill and some bridge. Big Man liked showing Grampy how to blow bubbles - "GRAMPY - FIRST YOU DIP, THEN YOU BLOW!!" All in all really a fabulous day. Some time to myself, great bargains, and fun with the family. What more can you ask for?

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Lil Mouse said...

glad you had a nice time. we travelled and that's about it. the baby did take a long nap, which made her cranky when she woke up because she was starved, but i did get to see my mom and visit a bit with the ladies of the family, which i am starting to enjoy a little more now that i'm a mom too. oh well..maybe i'll get a card from the hubs next year?