Friday, July 27, 2007

Bad Girls, Bad Girls

I am so glad my girls are not teenagers..or even pre-teens. I don't have to explain the Parises, Lyndseys and Nicoles of the world to them. What is going on? And WHERE are these girls parents??!! Seriously. Not that they aren't old enough to be responsible for their own actions -- but at least for Paris and Nicole, their parents are completely and totally enabling this behavior!!! Its not like the are earning the money they use to buy drugs and alcohol. (Ok, I'm sure the Simple Life makes them money, but not the kind for how they are living). What is with these people. I guess we had the decade of the bad boys back in the its the girls turn? I'm over it. And so glad I don't have to explain this to MY girls.


Anonymous said...

I agree. If I even THOUGHT of doing a third of the crap these girls do, my parents would've KILLED me.

It's dusting, really. You or I get arrested multiple times for drinking and driving or hit and run accidents or drug possession, we'll be in jail for a lot longer than 20 some odd days.

Anonymous said...

I meant DISGUSTING, not "dusting". Whoops. I'm an idiot.

Lil Mouse said...

I have to agree. The crap this KIDS, and yes, they are kids, mostly not old enough to be out of college yet, KIDS pull is ridiculous. I heard some jack-slap lawyer trying to say Paris had it bad for going to jail for driving drunk TWICE and merely got a license suspension until she got caught the second time. My husband got 2 speeding tickets within a year and got his license revoked for 3 years. It would have been one, but some jack-hole from the IL license bureau didnt take the time to read his information. I had to drive him over an hour to multiple appointments to try and get his license back, and drive him around the rest of the time. When this one dude, a senior guy there, finally read it, he's like, umm why havent you gotten your license back before now, you should have had it 2 years ago. My husband was like, yes, i know that's what I've been telling you guys for 2 years. For 2 speeding tickest, probably going like 65 in a 55. Yeah. He could have faced jail as well, and Paris has it bad because she endangered millions of lives more than once, only got caught twice, and she has access to tons of cash and a limosine driver, chauffer, whatever. she could even call a cab, which is less than i can say for where we used to live. oh well. that's all done and over with now, and has been for about 3 years. thank god!

Jules said...

It is bad, especially, when they seem to get off really easy. The rest of the world has to pay and pay hard for their crimes.

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