Saturday, July 21, 2007

Movin' on up!

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So see the previous post for where we were about a month ago. Demolition complete, but just a big pile of dirt out back. Then we had a foundation. By the end of this week we have this! Wow! We are getting very excited, as things are really coming along! Our contractors signed a deal for another big job they hope to start at the end of they are motivated to move quickly. yayy! They say we will have a second floor and roofing by the end of next week. The weather has been great, so that has surely helped. Looking good!


Jules said...

Wow, that seems to be going up pretty quick. It is good that it will be done soon. Dan & Duffy are so interesting. I read yours and their blog every day. I am leaving for camp on Monday - Saturday. No blogging for me for about a week. I think I will go through withdraws. LOL

Dan & Duffy said...

M - that looks like a real room - does this mean you have projects to do now too?

Amy W said...

Cool! Sounds like it will go fast too!