Thursday, July 5, 2007

Blueberry Pie

So last Saturday we decided to go blueberry picking. It was so fun. We went to Butler's Orchard, about 35 minutes from us (depending upon which of us is driving at breakneck speed). Anyway, when you get there you weigh your containers (we had beach buckets) and get on hayride-type truck to get you to the blueberry fields. The girls and I went, as DS was asleep, so DH stayed in the car with him (not being a big blueberry fan anyway). We got out there and started picking. The kids really liked it and there were blueberries as big as a quarter! My 3-year old kept eating the berries, while me and my 5-year old focused on filling our buckets. After only about 15-20 minutes we had all the buckets filled, and hopped back in the wagon to the parking lot. After weighing all our loot we paid for the blueberries and it was $10!!!! We easily had $40 worth of blueberries there. I was psyched!

This farm also had a flower garden you could go picking in too, so we stopped there on the way out. The girls insisted on ONLY picking pink flowers. No red, yellow, or even purple. Just pink. okey dokey.

When we got home we made pie. My oldest must have done this at preschool, as she rattled off the ingredients from the top of her head when I suggested it. Weird, especially because she won't eat fruit -- OR pie. We used store-bought roll out crust, and cut hearts in the top. The girls loved making it. We served it the next day at a party we held to meet other kids in our neighborhood who were going to Kindergarten in the fall. It was a HUGE hit. I had three pieces. So much for WW that week.

Now I have about 4 pints of blueberries frozen to make pies into the winter. Can't wait!

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Jules said...

Wow, that sounds like a fun day. I wish we had something like that in Montana, too sheltered. It is great that you had fun with your girls picking blueberries. Lol, Don't eat too much blueberry pie. Just teasing!