Monday, May 19, 2008

Ahhh...finally a break

{B using the ramp}
{Big Man giving High Fives}

{K trying it freehand}

Work has been NUTS! And because it wasn't enough, we had a conference in town last week. Nothing like 15,000 of your members to get your adrenalin pumping. Bottom line - I survived. I think the kids thought I had lost it. I worked a bunch of late and early hours (including SATURDAY!!!) So DH and I decided to dedicate Sunday to them.

First, we went to a theater to see "Sesame Street - Dinosaurs". Its a cute video that features Abbey Caddaby (the girls current favorite) and Elmo (Big Man's favorite). The theater had a great deal - cheap tix, cheap popcorn and lemonade, and followed the movie with story time (a book also about dinosaurs), sesame coloring pages, and free pizza! Great deal!

Then we went to a local mall (it was raining) and let the kids play in the play-area for a while. After lunch and naps, we headed to a local bowling alley. The kids had never been bowling, and man, did we have fun. They really loved it. The alley was great, and not only had bumper guards, but even these little metal ramps the kids could use to push the ball down.

We followed it up with dinner at the local chili joint. A great day - and very relaxing.
Maybe one of these days I'll clean my house.


Julie said...

sounds like a well deserved fun weekend for all of you!

Laura said...

What cute photos...I have been thinking of taking the kiddies I know they would have a great time - thakns!

Amy W said...

Glad you survived the conference....

Justice Fergie said... cleaning is overrated :) look at how much fun tha family had instead!

the sesame street - dinosaurs sounds awesome. wonder if it will be coming our way...

Happy Working Mom said...

I'm very jealous of the ramp things...our kids have to roll them down there! Looks like a ton of fun!