Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fear of Weather

My K has been petrified of tornadoes recently. She saw this picture on the news and has had bad dreams and the like since then. Arghh. We have tried to explain that we don't really get tornadoes here (not exactly true), and she has nothing to worry about. We looked at a map of the US and showed her Kansas and showed her all the mountains in between here and there and explained that the tornadoes would never make it that far. We also have talked about what we do when we have bad weather and what we would do if there was ever a huge storm like a tornado. We told her that we have had several hurricanes, and explained that although we lost some trees, we were not in any danger. Anyone have any other thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

My oldest also has a total fear of tornadoes. Good thing we moved to Texas 2 years ago from Rhode Island.

I'm a compassionate mom like that.