Monday, May 26, 2008

Shoes, shoes, glorious shoes

I LOVE shoes. Really. I think shoes can totally make an outfit. Some of my favorite shoes are bright colors that I usually have no more than one outfit they work with. Currently I adore my teal sling back pumps. Coolest thing is that I had an hour to kill on the way to give a presentation. I ran into a DSW looking for teal pumps. And there they were - in my size! LOVE THEM! I also adore my suede faux-crocodile pink pumps. Currently I have nothing to wear them with, but I love them just the same. I also love my shiny merlot patent-leather pumps that kill my feet. They look so awesome...I just need to be sitting down.

When we were building our addition last year, one of my criteria was that I never wanted to want for closets again. So, our bedroom looks like a cross. It started as a square, but all four corners are used. One is our awesome master bathroom with huge shower. The other three are closets!!! And two are mine. Here is my favorite thing in my big closet - my shoe shelf. Not all my shoes are in there yet, but I LOVE it. I feel like I am in a shoe store when I go in there in the morning to pick out my shoes for the day.

My favorite place to buy shoes - Great shoes, good deals, and free overnight shipping. Free returns too. Couldn't recommend more.


ShannanB said...

Wow. You put me to I have a few pair that I wear most in a line on the floor and the rest in a basket. I need to get more organized.

Teff said...

Wow. You're the biggest shoe fanatic I've ever seen! But you know what, I have lots of girlfriends who would be so jealous of your shoes. Though, I'm not a girlie girl. I wear mostly boots and sneakers. Ha ha. :)

I really love your site. Sounds like you've got your hands quite full two based on your site line - full time working mom with three kids under five.

Crazy! I've got two daughters of my own. Two and a half year old and a three month old.

But just thought I'd say hi! Really love your site. :)

Ami said...

Really a massive collection!! My closet is not so big, I have only 12 pairs of shoes. Endless is also my most favorite shopping place.

Courtney said...

Wow! All of the shoes I own would fit on one shelf! lol I have maybe 7 pairs at the most, although I can only think of 5 right now.