Tuesday, May 5, 2009

and I run...I run so far away

So this weekend I did 2 5ks. I do not recommend this unless you are an actual serious runner. I run 2-2.5 miles a few times a week on a good week. But this weekend there was the Race for Hope in DC. I have a colleague with a brain tumor, so I started a team with my office for that one.

On Saturday, K had a fundraiser for her school. We missed it last year, so I had promised her we could do it this year. The good thing was that we walked most of that one. The kids all took off from the school at a full out run. The parents were all jogging behind. After about 6 blocks the kids were all walking. I caught up to K, and suggested we run slowly. She wanted to walk. So we walked about 1/2 mile..then I got her to run for about 1/2 mile. Then she walked the rest of the way. The last 1/2 mile I had to pretty much drag her. I could barely even get her to run past our house (only a few doors from the finish line) so DH and K's siblings could cheer for us. But it was fun. And K thinks I am nuts for running that far ever.

Sunday's race was fun. It was raining - kind of a lot. But it was still inspiring and fun cuz we had about 18 people from my office do it too. I missed my goal time by 9 seconds. I finished in 40.08 - I really wanted to finish in under 40. I blame it on having to tie my shoes about 1/2 mile in as they came completely untied. (I'm sure it wasn't walking the block in the middle).

Oh well. The good news is that this weekend also signifies my renewed efforts for weight loss. Since last summer I have lost about 40 lbs. But I am now getting into some bad habits again, so I am recommitting. I will again do the Crack the Fat Loss Code plan - which is high protein, low carb, low fat. I will commit to working out at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Plus some Wii Fit on the side. My goal is 10 more pounds before our beach trip in late June/early July.

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Laura said...

WOW - that is amazing. You keep me inspired! Way to go! That is one heck of a packed running weekend!

I think you are doing great! Keep it up!