Thursday, May 7, 2009

I've Got a Crush On You

I admit it...I love Michelle Obama. Really, I do. I really can't understand why she is not my best friend!

Seriously though, I am obsessed with her fashion sense. With the exception of her inaugural night dress (which i HATED) - I love everything she wears. I also love her arms and am working to get something like them (in my dreams). Since she has become First Lady, I now own probably 6 cardigans in various colors and sleeve length. I also own the dress she wore on the cover of Essence. I covet all her cool brooches and pins, and have tried to wear more stuff like that on a regular basis. I also just bought the book Michelle Style, with pictures and descriptions of her iconic looks. I regularly read

I love everything she stands for and supports too, but this is just focusing on the clothes. I have yet to see her in person here in DC..but I have high hopes. Just call me a lazy stalker.

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