Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Capturing Memories

This past weekend my BFF Joyce and I went to a scrapbooking getaway. It wasn't really so much away (about 20 miles) - but we stayed at a hotel and didn't go home- so that's away enough for me. It was from Friday night, til Sunday (i left by noon). It was really good. I got a lot of pages done - and some quality time with my friend. We drank lots of margaritas. Pretty much from noon on on Saturday - and yet, never got drunk. We also went to Hooters for the first time (that was where we got our first margaritas!) Anyhoo---- we got some good work done!

I finished my Disney book from last November's trip - and I LOVE it. Looking at the pics again did make me feel bad that we didn't bring Big Man along on the trip - but we may be able to remedy it this fall when I have a conference in San Diego. We are thinking of all going out and spending time out there - including maybe a day in DisneyLand.

I also got all caught up on their birthday books. I have books for each child with just a 2-page layout of their birthday for that year. My plan is that when they are grown up, I can give it to them and they will have their very own birthday book. I also scrap their birthdays as part of our chronological books, but these are just birthdays. I am not all caught up - for the next 10 days, until we have B's birthday.

( i have no idea why this one won't stay rotated (probably left over margarita on the brain).

It is so great to just have a weekend to yourself sometimes..especially with a good friend and a chance to reflect.

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Justice Fergie said...

oh how AWESOME. (1) that you got to getaway and relax with a friend and (2) that you got some scrapbooking done!

i'm jealous on both fronts!