Thursday, June 4, 2009

That's My Girl

This is an email I received yesterday from K's teacher:

True story! : )
While giving the DRA test to first graders, one girl (gee, I wonder who : ] ) was reading "The Giant in the Forest". The gist of the story is a boy who lives near a lake and a giant who is afraid of water. The mother has the boy take a bath during the daytime to avoid the giant. Of course, one day the boy gets distracted, night falls and he must take his bath in the dark lake. The giant is waiting for him when he emerges and starts to chase him. Being very clever, the boy drops his soap on the ground, the giant slips and falls and the boy is saved! (Didn't see that coming did you?!)
The comprehension question was, "What do you think the author is trying to tell you in this story?"
Our smart girl answered, without pause, "Always carry a bar of soap with you."

hee hee..that's my girl!

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jill said...

i would have jumped back in the lake?