Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Conflicted Loyalties

As you know, we have season tickets for the Washington Nationals. We have 1/4 season (21 games) and love going. The kids really get into it and we all have a great time. This week the Nats are playing my beloved Red Sox. B has been teasing me for weeks about the fact that this week I would be routing AGAINST the Nats.

So last night I set out for the game in a Red Sox jersey. As I was waiting with the mobs on the Metro platform, I was surrounded by fellow Red Sox fans. But instead of being excited, I was actually feeling annoyed. Where were all these fans the rest of the time - wasn't SOME baseball (ie, the NATS) better than NO baseball? Why didn't they come out for the other games, just for the fun of it??

By the time we got to the stadium I was really conflicted. I was going to rout for the Sox, and really wanted them to win. But was sad to see how many baseball fans were in town that couldn't be bothered to come for the other games.

In the end, my Sox won - but the Nats actually played decently for the first 7 innings (things really went to hell for them in the 8th). Tonight when I go I will wear a Red Sox jersey, but my Nats cap.

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