Thursday, July 22, 2010

Every Little Step

Saw an AWESOME movie last night. If you ever saw the musical "A Chorus Line", you must see this. I saw A Chorus Line 3 times on Broadway. Seriously. When I was a kid every year or so we would take a trip to NYC. We would get to pick our choice of show (often ones we could get at the half-price TKTS window). Every year, I picked A Chorus Line. 3 times my parents relented. The last time (I believe I was 15 or so), I went alone. My family had had enough. But I never have. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show. Everything about it is so great. I think I can sing the words of nearly every song by heart.

So when I saw there was a documentary about the making and casting of it, I knew I would love it. It was so fantastic. I highly recommend it. They tell you about how they developed the idea for the show, and take you through a real casting of the revival. It is really powerful. You get in the heads of these dancers/actors/singers. It is a quick movie - about 90 minutes - but so good. I highly recommend Every Little Step. Easy to get on Netflix!

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