Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Worst Case Scenario

While we were on our trip, my MIL came and visited us at the campsite. When she went to leave her car wouldn't start. Nearby campers jumped into help, but the kids (down for bed in the camper) were getting worried. I went in to talk to them and said, c'mon guys, let's think - worst case scenario, Nana& Grampy can sleep in the camper with us! They were excited about that, but wanted to know what "worst case scenario" meant. So I did my best to explain.

4 days later we went to Silver Diner for breakfast. Big Man turns to me and says, "I want the french toast, or maybe the pancakes. Worst case scenario I'll have the pancakes." hee hee hee


Annikke said...

THAT's cute!!!

kathy said...

almost as cute as the mad face! :)