Monday, July 19, 2010

RV vacation - continued

So after dragging the kids away from the amazing fun at Luray, we headed across the state to Williamsburg. Here we stayed at a KOA, which was very nice. I did not have nearly the amenities of the Jellystone, but was still lots of fun. The kids enjoyed the pool, the bouncing pillow, and activities like Tie-Dye (again). They also LOVED LOVED LOVED the pedal karts you could sign out for free.

It was interesting that this campground was more expensive (despite being more rustic) - clearly because it was near lots of stuff (Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, Water Country, Yorktown/Jamestown, etc). We also learned here that we definately want to get an RV that is towed by a car. Not having a car was a drag. We have good friends in the area and in order to go out with them we either had to unhook and look for places to park the RV, or they came and picked us up.

But we had fun walking around Williamsburg, attending a Pirate festival in Hampton Roads, and having ice cream and amazing snow cones (with options of dozens and dozens of flavors!!).

But for the big news. How was the trip overall? Did we like it enough to think about buying our own rv? YES!!! We are now RV shopping. We definately want a Travel Trailer (which also means purchasing a big honkin' SUV to pull the sucker), and want something with 2 bedrooms (a Q and a bunkbed room) so we have more free living space when it is just the 5 of us (or more sleeping space when it is more).

So I am sure there will be more coming up, but for now we are doing research, asking questions, and window shopping!!


Annikke said...

We are looking into renting one so we can decide if we want to buy one. We have so many family members that already own one we decided we might want our own! So we will rent first and get a feel for them!

Anonymous said...

I went RV shopping with friends a few years ago. It was fun (more so since I wasn't paying for it ;) ). I have tons of awesome memories from camping--you're creating those for your family!!

Love it :)